Large Format Print Estimating

Our Large Format module is available with or without the other estimating modules.

  • Calculates based on costs or on a fixed dollar per square foot.
  • Handles 12 speed/quality modes for up to 10 large format printers.
  • Includes 40 user definable bindery charges for operations such as lamination, grommets and wind slits.
  • Calculates best layout on roll fed or cut sheet jobs.

Accurate Cost Based Pricing or “Simplified Pricing”

From design through bindery and everything in between, PowerQuote’s Large Format module considers all the costs to give you accurate cost based estimates or the ability to compare your costs to the optional “simplified pricing.”

Better Service for Your Existing Clients

Get instant recall of past jobs for quick quotes while the customer is still on the phone. Your customers will appreciate being able to get an accurate quote and place their orders with one call. PowerQuote puts past jobs at your fingertips.

Generate Quotes, Job Tickets and Optional Invoices

Once you have entered the job specs to calculate the price, this information is reformatted to create a great looking, written quote to present to the customer. Once the quote is approved, the same information is formed into a job ticket. If you add the Enhanced Capabilities module, you will also be able to create invoices and keep your receivables in PowerQuote.

Input Rates to Reflect the Cost in Your Shop

Rates are fully adjustable to reflect the costs and production in your shop. You can set the printer speeds, ink consumption and trim rates and optionally provide a sliding scale discount that has little impact on small jobs, but makes you more competitive on large jobs.

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